Monday, June 3, 2013

Typical day in West Bay

If any of you have googled West Bay or done any sort of research on it then you probably know that it is right on the coast with surrounding cliffs in both directions. It is incredible! So today I decided to go hiking up the cliffs and explore the surrounding towns. Here is what the cliff looks like from the bottom.

The climb wasn't bad! It only took a few minutes to get to the top. And it doesn't hurt to have a beautiful view the entire way up!

When I did get to the top I was amazed to find a golf course! Apparently at the top of the cliffs are other areas with houses and behind them are little towns. Which probably makes it easier to carry around all that gear! There were lots of people out on the golf course and I watched for a few minutes! Thought of you, grandparents!  

I took this picture along the way! I can't get over how green and gorgeous everything is here. There are just fields of yellow flowers. Along the way I saw lots of people! Hiking is very popular here. I am hoping to go back a few more times and explore some more! The weather has been great here! I think it was around 62 Fahrenheit today. Perfect weather in my opinion!

After my hike I walked to the super market in Bridport! Bridport is about a mile away so it wasn't a far walk at all! I bought some groceries for the week. The food in West Bay mostly consists of Fish and chips, and while fish and chips are very very good, they are also not very good for me! There is a market that comes every Wednesday and Saturday and I am hoping to buy some fruits and vegetables there!

Tonight we have class dinner at the West Bay Hotel! It is payed for by the program and I think it is meant to be the kick off to classes! We start classes tomorrow I believe. It wont be quite as fun to add homework into the equation but I am still looking forward to all of the wonderful things West Bay has to offer me while I am here!


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