Monday, June 10, 2013


Today we had our first tests, which went really well! Everyone seemed to do a good job on them. I have posted a picture of the classroom. You can see the ocean outside the doors! It has been cloudy all day though so we haven't spent much time outside. I decided to take advantage of the day by getting ahead on my homework for the week. We wont have class tomorrow and weather permitting, we are hoping to do something fun outside. 

I have learned this trip to love technology even more than I did before. It is so cool to listen to online lectures for my Genetics class and then just do homework during class.

I love being able to blog about my experiences here. On blog I can combine my stories with pictures and can simply send the link to everyone I want. It is fun to read other blogs as well. Two other girls from my class are blogging. I love to see how people interpret situations differently and what they chose to write about. 

It is also cool to talk to family and friends who are back home! FaceTime and Skype are genius inventions. Not only can we talk, but we also get to see each other. I have realized that I miss home more than I thought I would probably because I am doing school work here. I think it would be a little different if I was just traveling around looking at all of the beautiful sites. 

This is me Skyping with my family on Sunday! It was nice to talk to all of them at once! I tell them about all about England and they tell me all about Flagstaff! I miss them and can't wait to see them and go to Texas when I come back! 


I love to Skype with Darby. She is so precious. My mom put  the computer on the ground and she gets really excited to hear my voice but doesn't quite understand the screen. So then she goes running around the house looking for me! I just love those ears perked up. 

Of course I also love to FaceTime with Tanner! This is the longest we have been apart so it is nice to still be able to talk. The time difference makes it harder between his work schedule and my sleeping. But we make it work! :) 

As for this evening, we are planning on hanging out with some locals on the beach. We have met quite a few 18-20 year olds which is fun. This trip is going by faster than I expected! Already with 10 days down! 23 still to come!