Thursday, June 6, 2013

Café Kind of Day

Today was absolutely wonderful. It was 65 degrees out which was perfect. We finished class about an hour early and came back to the cottage for lunch. I have a feeling that class will be done early everyday because her lectures are not taking as long as she was expecting them too! No complaints here! So I went for a nice run and then headed home to relax. 

Around 3 we left for Seatown which is about 2.5-3.0 miles from West Bay. It was so nice outside and there were lots of sheep everywhere. There was one particular sheep that really liked us and wanted us to give him some attention. I also saw this black lab along the way and it reminded me of Tanner's dog, Brook. So I had to take a picture! Her name is Hugo and she is 13 months old.  

It seems as though everyone here in West Bay has a dog. And everyone here takes their dog everywhere they go. I have definitely seen a lot more small dogs though. I had yet to see a Labrador or Retriever until I saw Hugo! I did however see a Dalmatian yesterday which was really cool! I have only ever seen pictures. I have heard that not many people have them because they can be pretty mean. Which, is surprising if all you know about Dalmatians comes from the Movie, 101 Dalmatians. Even while we were at dinner tonight people were sitting outside eating with their dogs. 

We hiked for a while and eventually found a very cute and cozy Café to have dinner at. The Café was hidden along the path and a little out of the way but was totally worth it in the end.A few of the other people in our group had gone earlier that day and recommended the Cream Tea. I was in the mood for something a little more filling but I plan on going back sometime to try it! I ended up ordering a tomato, mozzarella, pesto ciabatta. It was SO GOOD! My meal was huge and I felt like it should have been split between two people! I ate two of the slices and then Brooke had some of the third with her lunch. I think it is interesting that in England when you order water they ask you, "Still or sparkling." I am sure there are a lot of people who enjoy sparkling water but it sounds pretty awful to me! 

I know I have mentioned it a few times already but I just can't get over how Green and beautiful everything is here. There are so many cows and sheep everywhere! I think it is so cool that they have made these cliffs hiker friendly with trails and everything!  

On our way back we hiked about a mile on the cliffs and then hiked the rest of the way back to West Bay on the beach. The beaches here are mostly rock but I loved just silently walking and listening to the waves crash against them (Thought about you mom). I can't believe I get to spend the rest of the month hiking such cool places. 

Tomorrow will not be quite as fun as I plan to spend the afternoon studying for my exams on Monday! On Saturday though four of us are planning to take a trip to Weymouth and Dorchester and spend the day exploring. I am hoping to find some nice touristy shops! Then I will probably spend most of Sunday studying as well. I might just have to bring my books down to the water though and study on the beach. That sounds lovely! 


  1. Okay, that settles it! We are taking our dogs and moving there! I love that everybody has their dogs with cool!!

  2. Seriously! The dogs are also welcome on Trains, Buses, and in Restaurants. You would love it!