Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2 More Weeks!

Whoever said study abroad classes were easier, lied. I have had a lot of people tell me how lucky I am to be taking these hard classes during the summer when they are easier. So I decided I would take a moment to address that myth. I am currently taking two classes, 6 credits total. Both of these classes are usually taught in a semester. A semester at NAU is about 16 weeks. I am taking these 16 week classes in 4 weeks. That means that each day of class is one weeks worth of material (We only have class 4 days a week). So in one actual week here, we do a months worth of material. Between my two classes, that is two weeks worth of work per day and two months worth of work per week. 

Now, I don't want to sound like I am complaining because I don't mean to at all. I absolutely love the structure of summer classes. I like how fast paced everything is and I feel like we have less time to forget things when we have exams every Monday. We also have two-three quizzes each day which helps. We do have a lot of homework each night though. Since one of the classes is being taught using the "flipped classroom," we are required to listen to the lecture online before going to class. So each day we come home and do a microbiology quiz, a problem set for genetics,  reading for genetics, listen to the online lecture for genetics, and take a reading quiz for genetics. Luckily it stays light out until 10-11 p.m. so even if we spend all afternoon on homework we still have some daylight hours to go out. One thing that I miss is having my own room! I share a room with Brooke and it is fairly small! My bed is the one in the wall. It would be nice to be able to come home and have my own space but we make it work!

I think one of the hardest things about study abroad is finding a balance. I want to go out and explore because I am in a new country and it seems like a once in a lifetime experience. But I also want to study and do well in my classes. I am paying more to be here then I am to be at NAU and I should get good grades. I think now that I have been here for a few weeks I am getting the hang of it! Even on days when I have a lot of homework I make sure to still get outside for a run/hike. It's always a good excuse for a study break as well! 
<--- This is one of the trails I like to go running on! It goes from WestBay to Bridport then I take another trail that loops back to the other side of WestBay.

Today I realized that I will be heading home exactly two weeks from tomorrow! It is amazing to think that I have already been here for 18 nights! And I still have 15 more nights! I have done so many cool things since my arrival in WestBay and there are so many more things to do before I leave. I have decided to start a countdown:

7 days of classes left! We don't have class this Friday so we only have tomorrow and Thursday and then we have class everyday next week with finals on Friday. 
10 more days in WestBay! The program ends on Friday, June 28th and we have to be out of our house by Saturday, June 29th. 
Which means, 11 days until London! On June 29th, Brooke and I will be headed to London to spend 4 nights in London
15 more nights until I am on a plane heading back to Flagstaff! 

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