Friday, June 14, 2013

A Rainy Week!

This week has been very rainy! But it was also a very enjoyable week. Tuesday we did not have class and there was not much to do because of the weather so we enjoyed a lazy day at home. A few of the others from our group came to our cottage for breakfast. We made pancakes which were very good! I focussed a lot on homework and tried to get ahead on this week's readings. Later on in the day I joined a few others in Bridport where we walked around. I was able to send some postcards at the Post Office, which should be arriving in America any time now! Later in the evening I joined my roommates for some afternoon tea. I love that drinking tea is a thing here. When you order tea you get an entire tea pot, not just one cup! I love it. I had some green tea with peppermint which was delicious!  

On Wednesday we had class again. Unfortunately it was another rainy day! Since we are right on the coast it gets very cold and windy here when it rains! When I got back from class there was a note that I had a package waiting for me at the Post Office in Bridport! Since Bridport is only 2 miles away I decided I would get some exercise and run to the Post Office. I am so happy I did because they had a lovely package waiting for me from my family back home! Of course it started pouring rain the second I walked out with my package but I managed to run back home with it, undamaged! It had a nice note from my family and some goodies! Thanks guys! 

Yesterday was laundry day. The Laundromat is right across the street. Convenient, right? However, it is very expensive! So I washed my clothes in the bathtub! Quite the experience! I mostly washed socks and underwear but I did some t-shirts as well. I hung them up to dry and when I got home from school this afternoon they were done!

 After laundry, a few of us caught a bus to Lyme Regis. Lyme Regis is another town located along the Jurassic Coast. It is very historic with lots of old buildings and a beautiful beach. Lyme Regis is known for the many fossils that have been found there as well as "The Cobb" which is featured in one of Jane Austin's novels. We found some sunshine and enjoyed the sandy beach! Unlike WestBay, there is actually sand on this beach! 

After walking along the beach we came across a beautiful garden. This is just one of the many flower beds featured in the garden. The garden was actually named The Jane Austin Garden. She is very popular around here! I think everyone else in town was enjoying the sunshine on the beach so I felt like we had the garden all to ourselves! I love how vibrant the colors are with the green!

Being close to the ocean is awesome. The waves have been incredible in WestBay lately because we have had so many storms coming in. We watched high tide on Wednesday night and there were actually people out surfing. Crazy! I enjoyed being near the calm waves in Lyme Regis as well! These steps go all the way down to the water and if you stand close enough you will get wet. I have been trying to enjoy all of the sounds because that is my mom's favorite part of the beach. The water is too cold to swim in here so I might have to agree with her. I could just sit on these steps for hours and enjoy the view.

I am happy that it is Friday again! As I said last week, Friday's are nice because it means no class for the weekend! Unfortunately we have our exams on Monday's so I will spend a good bit of time studying! Tomorrow the whole group is heading to Bath. I am so excited to see the Roman Baths, Gardens, Museums, and everything else! We only have 9 days of class left which I find absolutely unreal. We have Friday off next week and then the following week we have exams on Monday and finals on Friday! I will make sure to take loads of pictures tomorrow so I have something fun to blog about next! 


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