Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Nice Run and Tasty Whippy

Today was mostly focussed on school! I woke up and made breakfast. I was really excited because I bought some Quaker "Oatmeal" from the grocery store. I love to eat oatmeal back at home and was excited for something good. Well, it turns out that even though the brand is Quaker, it is not Oatmeal. I instead bought porridge. Let me tell you, Goldi Locks probably didn't like any of the porridge she tried, too hot, too cold, or just right. The worst part of it all is that I bought two boxes! That is 20 packets of porridge. :( I plan on buying some honey or cinnamon spices and topping it with fresh fruit in the future. 

Luckily my day was not focussed on bad breakfast! Class began at 8. The summer classes that I am taking are very fast paced. These classes are usually offered during the regular semester at NAU. That means that we do about a week's worth of lectures and homework in one class period. So a week here is a month's worth of work back home! I am liking it so far and hopefully it makes exams easier. Not as much time to forget when you have an exam every Monday! Brooke and I came home from class today and hammered out all of our homework for the rest of the week. Tomorrow we plan on coming home from class, packing a lunch and going for a picnic up on the West Cliffs. My pictures so far have been taken from the East cliffs. Those are the cliffs to the left of us. So tomorrow we will explore the ones to the right of us! I will make sure to take lots of photos! 

Before dinner I went for a little run. I ran to Bridport which is only 1.5 miles from West Bay. I am hoping to find a trail or something that will allow me to run for a bit longer without being on all of the streets in the town. Tomorrow night I plan to go for a run along the beach! It's so easy 
to run when you are in such a cool place with new things all around to look at the entire time! I am hoping that the beach will be nice. A lot of the beach here is rock and the sand does not start until you are closer to the water. But hey, running to the sound of waves sounds pretty sweet. 

After dinner we went out for Whippy! Whippy is soft vanilla ice cream and is very popular here. I did some research and it turns out that is was actually developed in Britain. Researchers discovered a method of doubling the amount of air in the ice cream which allowed manufacturers to use less of the actual product, reducing costs! It quickly became well liked for its light texture. I thought it was pretty good! Here is a picture of it! The brown thing on top is a "flake" which is just a long pice of chocolate!

Now I am just catching up on my blog and hanging out before bed. I have been trying to go to bed on the early side because I have to get up early for class. It's funny because I am already in the routine of saying, "Yay! Tomorrow is Thursday. Which is almost Friday!" I love studying here but school is still school! :) 


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